Mission Possible 2019 Winners!

1st Place:

Christian Central Academy
(1000 cans collected, 333% over goal)

2nd Place:

West Buffalo Charter School
(1030 cans collected, 206% over goal)

3rd Place:

Centerpointe Community Church
(570 cans collected, 142.50% over goal)

Honorable Mentions:

4th Place:

Global Concepts Charter School Team 3
(150% over goal)

5th Place:

Clarence Middle School
(121.00% over goal)

6th Place:

Silver Creek Elementary School
(115.00% over goal)

7th Place:

Buffalo United Charter School
(114.00% over goal)

8th Place:

Global Concepts Charter School - Team Cangeneers
(110.00% over goal)

9th Place:

Hamburg United Methodist Church – CREW
(100% over goal)

10th Place:

Global Concepts Charter School – Team Give6
(100% over goal)

11th Place:

North Park Community School #50
(100% over goal)

12th Place:

Saint Mary's School for the Deaf
(100% over goal)

Most Cans Collected:

Clarence Middle School - (collected 2420 cans)

Most Creative Use of the Service Learning Guide -

Team Cangeneers and Team Give6

CanCreation Video Challenge Winner:

Tapestry Charter School

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